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오메가데크 시스템은
OMEGA Deck system is a stable structural system using Kaiser Truss. At conventional deck system, a concrete part locates at center in cross section but don’t have any structural function. To remove this part, a bended steel plate of same material (so called ‘OMEGA’) is inserted at a connection groove between lattice and lower steel plate without fixation. By this, void section is formed and efficiency of slab is maximized.

오메가데크 시스템은 이렇게 다릅니다

  • High Quality
    Stable structural system using Truss Joist
    Identical and high-quality product by factory production
    Maintenance of the thickness of Sheath and Spacing of Rebar
  • Cost Down
    Reduction of slab concrete
    Decrease of foundation, column and beam due to decrease of self-load of slab
  • Safety
    Low weight in favor of safe construction
    Easy for safe management : reduction of field operations, simple & repetitive tasks
    Good for use due to uniformly high quality by factory production
  • Planning
    Applicable with S/RC/SRC
    Optimized planning for various conditions
  • CO2 Reduction
    Reduction of necessary concrete and reinforcing bar
    Decrease in industrial waste
  • Time Saving
    No need of cast disassembling ( disassembling cast )
    Early starting of following processes after concrete casting