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무거푸집, 무지보공 슬래브 공법
a product using a “Non-cast and Non-Retaining-Wall Slab construction” method which contains Truss Girder assembled with Deformed Wires of high-yield strength and galvanized steel plate instead of wooden cast. The electric resistance welding has been used to integrate those two as well as the final products come off the automatic assembly line. Quick and easy installation is the well-known competitiveness of Superdeck (superdeck) which can be completed as an alternative of installation of cast or arrangement of rebar. It is a method which allows following process to be done without cast disassembling( disassembling cast).
  • High Quality
    Stable structural system using Truss Joist
    Arrangement of slab with high accuracy & high strength
    Application of Camber considering displacement by construction load
    Identical and high-quality product by factory production
    Maintenance of the thickness of Sheath and Spacing of Rebar
  • Cost Down
    Transport of small quantity by worker due to lightness
    Reduction of Shore installation costs
    No-need of Spacers for arrangement of rebar
    Decrease of industrial waste
  • Safety
    Safe construction even by unskilled workers
    Low weight in favor of safe construction
    Easy for safe management : Reduction of field operations, simple & repetitive tasks
  • Time Saving
    Reduced field operations by order production at factory using design drawings
    No need of cast disassembling ( disassembling cast)→ Early starting of following processes
    Easy to organize the working environment
  • Planning
    Widely applicable with S/RC/SRC
    Applicable for various floor types (commercial building, office, hotel, school, hospital, factory and etc.)
    Applicable to Slab thickness of 120 ~ 300 mm