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Hybrid Fiber

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하이브리드 섬유 사진

underground space with wide section, high-rise buildings and super high-strength concrete,Hybrid Fiber was developed to prevent explosive spalling of concrete and to secure structure performance, fire-resistance and durability.
The Hybrid Fiber was designed to show optimized performance by combination of merits of each type of fiber. So,more than 2 different types of fibers with different length and thickness were combined to show superior refractory effect.
하이브리드 섬유의 특징
  • Prevention of explosive spalling of high-strength concrete
    (improved refractory performance)
  • No toxic gas emission in case of fire
  • Increased residual strength after fire
  • Plastic shrinkage cracking preventing crack (crack control)
  • Increased durability
  • Increased toughness
  • Improved seismic resistance and fatigue resistance
  • Assured constructability
  • Control 배합
  • PP 섬유 0.9kg/m3 혼입
  • PP 섬유 1.5kg/m3 혼입
내화시험 실시
[Fire test]
  • Control
  • 하이브리드 섬유
[Fire-resistance test by the Korea Institute of Construction Technology in 2009]
  • 내화 성능 만족 (시험성적서 발급)
  • 화재시험
  • 시험결과1 (60Mpa)
  • 시험결과2 (80Mpa)
한국의 비재하 내화 성능 판정 (KSF 2257-6.7)기준
  • Refractory performance management of high-strength pillar and beam with over 50 MPa of standard compressive strength of design
  • Operated based on time-temperature graph prescribed in KSF 2257-1
  • Suitable to criteria if temperature of main reinforcement is kept as 538℃ or less on average and 649℃ or less at maximum
하이브리드섬유 시험의 화재 시 시간-온도 표준곡선
하이브리드섬유 시험의 화재 시 시간-온도 표준곡선 그림

Refractory Performance Management standard of High-strength Concrete Columns and Beams (Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime affairs, Notification No. 2008-334) The Standards and rules on refractory structure, evacuation, and fire protection prescribed in the Article 2 of Enforcement Decree on Construction and in the Article 3, set out standards and methods to verify refractory performance of columns and beams made of concrete with over 50 MPa of standard compressive strength of design

하이브리드섬유 사용방법
  • Open a bag and put the contents into a B/P conveyor belt or a mixer
  • Concrete mixing : addition according to the optimum mixture ratio
  • Mixing time : same to mixing time for plain concrete