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바닥재용 번드렉스는
slab-on-ground has already been used in advanced countries for large warehouses, factories, superstores, and so forth. By mixing steel fiber with slab-on-ground, improvement can be made for tensile strength, bending strength, resistance to cracking, toughness, shearing strength, resistance to impact and etc.
With reduction of construction cost, it ensures safety and easy constructability. Therefore, a large amount of it is consumed domestically.
번드렉스로 보강된 바닥 슬래브의 특징
  • Superior resistance to cracking due to controlling progress of internal cracking by steel fiber (control of hair crack and drying shrinkage crack)
  • Increased toughness (residual strength) with the rise in steel fiber contents
  • Increased toughness with tensile force transmitted to crack-crossing steel fiber after cracking
  • Increased bending strength
  • Increased ductility (durability) of concrete
  • Ductile fracture behavior
번드렉스로 보강된 바닥 슬래브의 기대 효과
Pavement Cast-in-place concrete
Performance - Decreased cracking
- Increased joint spacing
- Increased load carrying capacity of concrete pavement
- Extended lifetime of pavement
Performance - Reinforcement of bending stress and tensile force
Application Expressway, road, runaway, parking lot, bridge deck, new pavement, repair and reinforcement work Application Machine foundation, structural panel, shell structure, silo, water intake, structure for antiknock and earthquake-proof, deck slab
Dam & hydraulic structure Tunnel lining
Performance - Impact resistance
- Resistance to toughness, tension and deformation
- Fracture resistance
Performance - Improved bending strength and crack resistance
- Improved crack restraint
- Improved durability
- Improved safety
Application Spillway of dam, water pressure tunnel, repair or reinforcement of reservoir around river and debris barrier Application Tunnel lining
일반 슬래브와 번드렉스로 보강된 바닥 슬래브의 물성비교
Index Ordinary slab Steel Fiber-Reinforced Slab-On-Ground
Controlling initial drying shrinkage crack
Initial cracking strength and strongest internal force
Decreased constructability
Drying shrinkage of upper base
Improved constructability
Decreased drying shrinkage of upper base
Unreinforced Concrete Slab < Reinforced Concrete Slab < Steel Fiber-Reinforced Slab-on-ground
Failure aspects Brittle behavior Ductile behavior