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일반 숏크리트용 번드렉스
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concrete, brittle concrete becomes ductile with dramatic increase of toughness and durability. So, the concrete will be most powerful to have long life time, good economical efficiency and enhanced safety.
번드렉스로 보강된 콘크리트 특징
  • Increased fatigue resistance, flexural toughness, shear force, flexibility, impact resistance, and fracture resistance of concrete
  • Increased resistance to drying shrinkage
  • High value of abrasion durability, erosion resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Minimized expense on maintenance and repair
  • Enhanced physical properties of concrete leading to decrease of section thickness of concrete
  • Reinforced cohesion of concrete with even dispersion of steel fiber
  • Improved cost-effectiveness, constructability, and safety due to no-installation of wire mesh
  • Three-dimensional reinforcement effects inside concrete
  • Excellent prevention of structure material from corrosion by blocking cathode ionization
번드렉스로 보강된 콘크리트의 기대 효과
Properties of Concrete Effects of BUNDREX®
Modulus of Rupture 3 times increase
Shear Strength 2 times increase
Torsional strength 2 times increase
Fatigue Resistance 1.8 times increase
Abrasion and Corrosion 1.4 times increase
Shock absorption 15 times increase
번드렉스형 강섬유의 장점
  • Reduction of required workers : no additional workers are necessary to prevent fiber ball when mixing and placing concrete
  • Conservation of working hours : no mixing ball makes mixing fast; prevention of work delay caused by clogging of pipeline or nozzle during shot concrete pouring
  • Simplified B.P equipment : no steel fiber disperser is required during B.P installation
  • Superior dispersibility
  • Unlike grain-shaped particles, BUNDREX® makes 100% mixing of design volume possible and therefore maximizes effect of steel fiber
번드렉스로 보강된 콘크리트의 물성변화
  • 취성파괴

    Brittle fracture

  • 연성파괴

    Ductile fracture

번드렉스로 보강된 콘크리트의 등가휨강도 그래프
번드렉스로 보강된 콘크리트의 등가휨강도 그래프 그림
번드렉스 숏크리트의  특징
Wire Mesh Reinforcement BUNDREX® Reinforcement
Difficulty for installation of wire mesh and decrease of reinforcement effects in case of back break due to excavation

Decreased adhesion, layer splitting and hollowing-out due to vibration on wire mesh when placing shot concrete

High frequency of cracking in shot concrete and decreased reinforcement effects in case of cracking

Shot concrete reinforcement should be performed right after excavation but delayed reinforcement caused by installation of wire mesh makes risk of cave-in disasters and reduced reinforcement effect

Low constructability and complex work process for installation of wire mesh

ncreased construction costs due to extended working hours for wire mesh installation
Increased reinforcement effects with construction of even thickness on a rugged surface

Increased tensile strength, bending strength, shear strength of concrete; no hollowing-out; reduction of wall thickness (by 20%)

High resistance to cracking; increase in toughness (residual strength) after cracking

Shot concrete construction right after excavation makes lowered risk of cave-in disasters and increased reinforcement effects and safety of permanent structures

Simplified work process makes enhanced quality and safety

Reduced working hours and construction costs
  • Wire Mesh 보강

    Wire Mesh reinforcement

  • 번드렉스(Bundrex®) 보강

    BUNDREX® reinforcement

번드렉스로 보강된 콘크리트의 용도별 성능 효과
Characteristics Tunnel Dam Road pavement Bridge Deck Incline Factory flooring Building downstream product
Crack Resistance
Impact Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Freeze/Thaw resistance
Fatigue Resistance
Shear Resistance
Weight, Thickness Decrease

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