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Steel Wire Rod Mild

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main products, SWRM is used from common household items (such as interior product, stationery and landscaping) to various industries (such as architecture, civil engineering and automobile).
At present, the best SWRM with wire diameter of 5.5 ~ 15.0 mm is manufactured in accordance with KSD3554.By continuous development and innovative quality control, KOSTEEL will maintain number 1 spot in steel industry.
Recently, with certification of JIS and CE, KOSTEEL is trying to enter the overseas market.

* SWRM is a low-carbon steel with carbon content under 0.22%

연강선재의 장점

  • Outstanding machineability
  • Customized production based on various steel grades
  • Soft and tough product with excellent ductility and toughness
  • Fast delivery with diversified small-quantity production system

Manufacturer : Pohang plant 1

Capacity : 0.4 million tons/yr

Certification status :
- Koran (Korea) Industrial Standard (KS) : KSD3554
- Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
- Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) : Nov. 25, 201
- CE (Conformity to European)
- ISO9001