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인재중시 경영, 고객감동 경영, 창조 경영을 통해 대한 민국 연강 선재를 대표하는 기업으로서의  역할과 소명을 다하겠습니다.

혁신기업 코스틸

혁신기업 코스틸

With rainbow DNA of change and innovation, KOSTEEL, an innovative company, is making a happy workplace.

KOSTEEL is faithful to transparency management based on principle and leads social contribution.

KOSTEEL's employees have leading spirit and passion for creating the world best products

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Since 1977, KOSTEEL has grown up to be a Korea's representative corporation for low carbon steel wire rod and downstream processed product by manufacture of various products and technology development.

To reborn as a world's best rolling mill corporation with competitiveness and advanced technology, KOSTEEL has carried out decisive investment and renovation project. Also, KOSTEEL has challenged and changed through cost saving, productivity growth, proess improvement by PEV(Performance Enhancing Vehicle) project, new products development, stabilization of ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), introduction of Block Mill and so on.

To face rapidly changing global competition, KOSTEEL will challenge restless to be a 'hidden champion' in technology, quality and productivity both nominally and virtually based on long-term development project. For this, an overseas subsidiary in Vietnam, KOSTEEL Vina will be a cornerstone for globalization.

KOSTEEL promises to prosper with customers, to be a world representative corporation for low carbon steel wire rod, and to contribute for social welfare with world best technology.